Microsoft Edge gets a separate search box

Microsoft Edge may soon get a dedicated search box, resembling the look of many browsers from the early 2000s. Unlike the address bar, the search box will allow you to pick the desired search engine for the typed terms, which adds extra convenience. On the other hand, it steals the toolbar space, so a smaller part of a URL will remain visible.

Tab auto grouping in Edge leaks your open sites to Microsoft

Since March, Microsoft is testing the tab auto grouping feature in the Edge browser. By selecting the "group similar tabs" in the tab menu, you can make it create several tab groups united by the topic and domain. However, Microsoft forgot to mention that this feature will send URLs of open websites to their servers.

Microsoft Edge 121 released, adds AVIF and AV1 support, Typo protection

Microsoft today released Edge 121 stable. The update is notable for adding support for AVIF and AV1 media formats. Organizational branding for customers, updated experience into Browser Essentials, and Typo protection policies for URLs are among other changes.

Microsoft Edge Screenshot tool has got AI features, OCR and online text search

Starting in Edge Canary version 122.0.2348.0, Microsoft greatly improved the integrated screenshot tool. The feature has received rebranding by changing its name from 'Web capture' to 'Screenshot'. Also, it is now works with ANY window and app, and not limited to the open web page. But the most important change is integration of Copilot AI and tools like OCR/text, and online search options by image and recognized text.

Super Drag Drop in Edge allows opening links in a new tab faster

You can now enable the Super Drag Drop feature in Microsoft Edge, so it will allow you to open any link in a new tab by dragging it aside. This works not only for links but for a text selection too. The latter will make Edge search for the text in a new tab. And it also works for images.

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