Microsoft Edge adds Internet Speed Test for everyone

Several versions earlier, including Edge 107, the browser had a speed test for your internet connection in the sidebar. It was a part of the "Tools" set, which includes several tiny utilities, mostly web based, for your productivity. There is a calculator, a unit converter, and so on. At some point, Microsoft has scrapped the Internet Speed Test from the browser, but now it is back to all users and release channels.

Microsoft Edge 125 introduces the RAM Limiter feature

Microsoft Edge 125, currently in Beta, introduces a feature to limit RAM consumption. There is now a new option in Setting that allows you to determine how much RAM the web browser can use in games or for content tasks. It is located under System and Performance > Performance Management.

Microsoft Edge 124 released with a few UI updates and enterprise improvements

Microsoft has released Edge 124 to the stable branch. The new browser version introduces an updated look of the new profile dialog, along with several improvements made for customers. Updated profile management and customization controls, Copilot browser Context Policies, Cross-device Search Query History suggestions, Automatic profile switching controls for Microsoft Edge for Business are among them.

Google Chrome gets improved text rendering on Windows thanks to Microsoft

There is a change in the Chromium project that significantly improves text rendering on Windows in Chrome and other browsers that are based on the same project. It was proposed by Microsoft devs, and now takes into account the gamma and contrast values ​​​​configured in the Windows ClearType Text Tuner.

Microsoft will keep the classic PDF viewer in Edge until at least 2025

Microsoft has decided to use the classic PDF reader as the default PDF viewer in the Edge browser until mid-Summer 2024. By that time, the company will roll-out Adobe PDF engine integration, but the classic viewer will remain available until 2025. So the new timeline greatly postpones the earlier announced dates of the removal.

Microsoft has stopped promoting Edge when you change the default browser

In order to adhere to the regulations of the Digital Markets Act (DMA) in the European Union, Microsoft is implementing adjustments to its services and apps. As a result, pop-up advertisements for Edge will no longer appear when users attempt to change their default browser in Windows 10 and 11.

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