Firefox 125 released, improves AV1, PDF viewer and Firefox View, adds URL detection in clipboard

On April 16, 2024, the stable version of Firefox 125 was released with support for the AV1 codec with Encrypted Media Extensions (EME), the ability to highlight text in PDF files, and more conveniently paste URLs into the address bar from the clipboard. Mozilla has published browser builds for Windows, Linux and macOS.

Firefox is testing vertical tabs, containers, and selected text translation

Firefox Nightly now comes with several new features. First of all, it allows translating a selected text block without translating the web page entirely. It also brings native support for isolated sessions (container tabs) and  vertical tab layout.

Firefox 124 released with PDF and Firefox View improvements

Mozilla Firefox 124 is now available in the stable branch, featuring several improvements to various browser features. You can now sort the contents of the Firefox View page, and it no longer exposes your bookmarks by default. The inbox PDF viewer allows selecting the text using keyboard only. And much more. There is also an update to its ESR counterpart to version 115.9.0, along with Firefox  125 in the Beta channel (will be released on April 16).

Mozilla has announced a new paid Monitor Plus service

The famous browser maker has announced a new Mozilla Monitor Plus service. It expands the free Mozilla Monitor service with a paid option that allows you to continuously monitor attempts to sell personal data. It is also able to automatically send requests to remove user information from the sites of brokers trying to sell personal data. The service monitors more than 190 sites that sell personal data, including information such as full names, telephone numbers, residential addresses, information about relatives and children, and criminal records. As initial data for monitoring, you are asked to enter your first and last name, city of residence, date of birth and email.

Firefox 122 released with search, security and translator improvements

Mozilla today released a new version 122 of the Firefox browser, that comes with several improvements. A new feature in this update are extended search hints as you type in the URL box. Also, Mozilla has launched the official DEB repository for Linux users, which must be a welcome change for for Debian and Ubuntu users. Besides, there are improvements made to security, privacy and translations.

Mozilla introduced MemoryCache offline AI bot built into Firefox

Mozilla has released an experimental MemoryCache add-on offers a conversational machine learning AI bot. It takes into account the content accessed by the user in the web browser. Also, unlike other AI chat tools, MemoryCache enables personalized communication with the user and utilizes crucial user-specific data to generate responses to queries.

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