Microsoft finally updates Windows 11 22H2 with File Explorer tabs, Android apps, and more

Microsoft releases the set of new features, earlier known as "Moment 1" to everyone running Windows 11 2022 Update. It includes Tabbed File Explorer, Suggested Actions, Taskbar Overflow and Task Manager in the taskbar right-click menu, and enhanced Windows Share experience. Besides, there is an updated Photos app that comes to users by the end of this month. Also, Android apps on Windows are now generally available in 31 countries with the Amazon Appstore. Finally, there is a new New sports and entertainment app, ESPN.


Most of these features were available to Insiders in the Dev channel prior to release of Windows 11 22H2, but the final version of the OS didn't include them. Microsoft instead introduced a new update system that delivers new features in waves, internally known as "Moments". What we see today is the "Moment 1" update.

Here are the details.

Tabbed File Explorer

The app features a redesigned layout with tabs and a new left area where pinned folders stay in their own section.

File Explorer With Tabs

File Explorer includes a reworked Navigation Pane (the left area). It now has more prominent sections, and moves the pinned folders outside of the "Home" location on the left. Instead of being organized into a tree view, they now appear as individual icons in their own section. OneDrive now appears as the second icon from the top, right below the Home icon. The classic items, such as This PC, Network, etc, are in the third bottom-most section.

Thanks to tabs, you can now open several folders within the same window. Similar to web browser tabs, you can re-arrange them with drag-n-drop. You can also manage them with hotkeys.

  • Ctrl + T - open a new tab
  • Ctrl + W  - close the current tab
  • Ctrl + Tab / Ctrl + Shift + Tab - switch between tabs forth and back.

Suggested Actions

Windows can now detect a phone number or date in the text. It highlights them, making it easy to click and call with Phone Link, Teams or Skype, or click to schedule an appointment, adding an event in your Calendar app and including the person you were communicating with on your invite.Suggested Actions On A Web Page

Taskbar improvements

When you right-click the taskbar, you will see the Task Manager option. It is a convenient and familiar way to launch the app that was missing in Windows 11.

Build 25211 Task Manager In Taskbar Context Menu

If you like to pin or run many apps at once, they many not fit the available taskbar space. Now the taskbar shows a new overflow menu that allows you to view all your overflowed apps in one space.

new taskbar overflow experience

New sharing options

Now you can share information with more devices. With Nearby Sharing, you can discover and share content with more devices, including PCs. You can easily share files with more discoverable devices nearby directly from your desktop, File Explorer, Photos, Snipping Tool, Xbox and other apps.

Photos app

A new version of the Photos app is coming at the end of October. It can now display photos from your phone, camera, OneDrive, and even iCloud (the iCloud Store app is required). iCloud integration will be available in November.

Icloud Photos In The Photos App

The app also comes with a new Memories experience which resurfaces pictures you’ve saved on OneDrive.

Android Apps on Windows 11

Amazon Appstore is now generally available in 31 countries, including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, United Kingdom, United States and more. It now includes more than 50,000 Android apps that you can run on Windows 11.

Android Apps On Windows 11

Keep in mind that  installing Google Play and sideloading APKs are still not officially supported scenario but can help you get more Android apps up and running.

New sports and entertainment apps

Microsoft has announced a new ESPN app is which is available on the Microsoft Store in 239 countries. Hulu, Netflix, Discord, Vudu, Tubi, Crunchyroll, TikTok, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video are already on the app store.

News App Espn

Microsoft is already gradually rolling out these new features and experiences as an optional non-security preview release. They will be made broadly available to all editions of Windows 11, version 22H2 in the November 2022 security update release.

Source: Microsoft

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Author: Sergey Tkachenko

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3 thoughts on “Microsoft finally updates Windows 11 22H2 with File Explorer tabs, Android apps, and more”

  1. After installing this update, the “Folders” section has disappeared from “This PC”. It only shows local drives and nothing else. Is this intended?

      1. Thanks. That’s a very stupid change. They are desperately trying to make us keep Quick Access (now Home) as the default. Maybe I’ll find some way of modding those folders back.

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