How to Enable Narrator in Windows 11

Here's how to enable Narrator in Windows 11. We will review four different methods. Narrator is one of the many built-in accessibility features in Windows 11 that make the operating system easier to use for people with limitations and disabilities.


The default Windows Narrator reads the content on the screen, allowing people having vision issues to interact with their computer and perform all kinds of tasks without display or mouse.

Narrator in Windows 11 can read text, buttons, shortcuts, and any other content the operation system shows on a monitor. It also works with Braille displays and regular keyboards. Users can customize dozens of different Narrator settings, such as speed, verbosity, pitch, volume, etc. This article will show you how to turn on Narrator in Windows 11.

Enable Narrator in Windows 11

You can enable Narrator with a special keyboard shortcut, in Quick Settings, in the Settings app, and finally in the classic Control Panel. Let's review each of the methods in detail.

Narrator keyboard shortcut

Narrator and other accessibility tools in Windows should be easily accessible, which means most of them have dedicated shortcuts. Shortcuts allow turning on or off available accessibility settings without navigating various UIs and complex menus.

To enable Narrator with a keyboard shortcut, press Win + Ctrl + Enter. The shortcut works in every Windows installation regardless of the SKU. The same key sequence disables Narrator in Windows 11.

Note: If you have a hard time using shortcuts, consider turning on Sticky Keys. Also, we have a list of useful hotkeys that you can use in Narrator.

Enable Narrator in Windows 11 with Quick Settings

  1. Press Win + A to open the Quick Settings menu.
  2. Click the Accessibility button. It opens a list of the most used accessibility tools in Windows 11, such as Sticky Keys, Magnifier, Color filters, and Narrator.Windows 11 Quick Settings menu with Accessibility
  3. Enable the Narrator option to turn on the default screen reader in Windows 11.Enable Narrator in Windows 11 Quick Settings

You are done.

Tip: You can also open the Quick Settings menu by clicking one of the following icons in the notification area: battery, network, or volume. In fact, in Windows 11, all three are a single button.

Well, the Quick Settings menu provides just a basic on/off Narrator switch without additional settings. You can also turn on Narrator in Windows 11 from the Settings app, where the operating system keeps all Narrator-related options.

Enable Narrator in Windows 11 with Settings

  1. Press Win + I to open Settings. Alternatively, press Win + X and click Settings. There are other methods to launch Windows Settings you can learn in our dedicated article.
  2. Open the Accessibility section, then click Narrator.Windows 11 Settings, Accessibility section
  3. Turn on the Narrator toggle switch.Windows 11 Enable Narrator

Turn on Narrator using the classic Control Panel

  1. Press Win + R and enter the "control" command to open the Control Panel.
  2. Go to Ease of Access > Ease of Access Center.
  3. If you use the "Small icons" or "Large icons" category, simply click Ease of Access Center.
  4. Click on Start Narrator.Windows 11 Control Panel Start Narrator
  5. Alternatively, click the Use the computer without a display link.Use the computer without a display link
  6. Place a checkmark next to Turn on Narrator.Windows 11 the Turn on Narrator option
  7. Click OK to save changes and enable Narrator in Windows 11.

That is how you enable or disable Narrator in Windows 11.

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