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Here is how to download Old Classic Calculator for Windows 11 which looks and works like in Windows 7 and Windows 8. Starting in Windows 10, Microsoft has replaced the good old calculator app with a new Store app. The same is for Windows 11, which includes a newer version of Calculator, but it is still a Store app. Many people feel unhappy with this change. The classic app loads faster, works faster, and is more useful for mouse and keyboard users. Here is how to get the classic calculator back in Windows 11.


As you may already know, Microsoft has removed the classic calculator app from Windows 10 and replaced it with a new Universal (UWP) app. The Calculator app in Windows 11 is a bit different story.

In Windows 11, Microsoft made Calculator open-source. It is available on GitHub. Also, Microsoft constantly expand its functionality. For example, the Redmond software giant has added Graphing mode.

However, some users find the new features useless, and do not like the implementation and UX of the newest software. For them, the old classic calculator package becomes a real solution.

For reference, the new Windows 11 Calculator app looks as follows.

Windows 11 Default Calculator

And this is the classic Calculator app which should be familiar to most of the users.

Windows 11 Old Classic Calculator

Here's how to download the classic calculator for Windows 11.

How to Get Old Classic Calculator for Windows 11

  1. Open you web browser to the following page.
  2. Read the description carefully and click on the green download button.
  3. Extract the contents of the ZIP archive and run the OldClassicCalc-2.0-setup.exe file.
  4. Click next on the welcome page.Old Classic Calculator Setup
  5. Now, specify the destination folder to install the app in. The default folder location is just perfectly fine.Specify the App Setup Dir
  6. Configure whether you need a desktop shortcut or not. You can omit desktop shortcuts, as the app will appear in the Start menu in any case.

You are done! That's how you can download and install the classic Calculator app in Windows 11.

The Calculator app will be revived completely. You will be able to launch it as "calc.exe" from the Run dialog or from the Windows Search box (Win + S). It will "survive" after sfc /scannow, as it doesn't replace a single system file!

Verify your Calculator app download

The extracted OldClassicCalc-2.0-setup.exe file should have the following check sums (hashes).

  • MD5: ef7d607bf6e249b26f0b277193bd122e
  • SHA256: 0097ed062094be8c7822738bf4a938e47253b4817bdba45317d607586db2fc92

To verify the installer file hash, open Windows Terminal by pressing Win + X on the keyboard and selecting Windows Terminal. If needed, switch it to the PowerShell profile. Then type the following command.

Get-FileHash path\to\OldClassicCalc-2.0-setup.exe

It will show the SHA256 hash sum of the installer. Compare it with the above value.

To verify the MD5 checksum, execute the command:

Get-FileHash path\to\OldClassicCalc-2.0-setup.exe -Algorithm MD5

Tip: You can the file hash context menu to File Explorer to quickly check hashes for any of your files.

Silent installation and deployment

You can use this package to silently install it with Windows or via a script. For that purpose, it supports the following command line arguments.

OldClassicCalc-2.0-setup.exe /VERYSILENT /SP-

By running the installer as the above, you will not get any dialog or window, but the Calculator app will be properly installed and registered in Windows 11.

How to launch the classic Calculator app

  1. Press Win+ R on the keyboard and type calc in the Run dialog.
  2. Alternatively, open the Start menu.
  3. Click on the All apps button.Windows 11 Start Menu
  4. Under the "C" letter, you'll find a new entry, Calculator (classic).Old Classic Calculator In The Start Menu

You are done.

The Calculator app follows your language preferences in Windows 11, and will always have the same language as your operating system. It is compatible with all builds of Windows Windows 11 and Windows 10. Note that the installer will automatically detect which UI languages you have installed in your OS. It will only extract the required language files to save your disk spaces and don't fill it with redundant files.

Supported locales and languages

The package fully supports Windows 11 and Windows 10, both Windows 10 32-bit and Windows 10 64-bit. It comes with almost the full set of MUI files, so it will be in your native language out-of-the-box. The following locales are supported.

  • ar-SA
  • bg-BG
  • cs-CZ
  • da-DK
  • de-DE
  • el-GR
  • en-GB
  • en-US
  • et-EE
  • fi-FI
  • fr-FR
  • he-IL
  • hr-HR
  • hu-HU
  • it-IT
  • ja-JP
  • ko-KR
  • lt-LT
  • lv-LV
  • nb-NO
  • nl-NL
  • pl-PL
  • pt-BR
  • pt-PT
  • ro-RO
  • ru-RU
  • sk-SK
  • sl-SI
  • sr-Latn-RS
  • sv-SE
  • th-TH
  • tr-TR
  • uk-UA
  • zh-cn
  • zh-HK

If calc.exe command doesn't open the classic app

This may happen after you upgraded Windows 11 to a newer build. Also, if you have an "app alias" enabled for the Calculator from the Microsoft Store, you may need to disable it. That's because it may replace the "classic" app reference and point it back to the newer app every time Microsoft releases a Store app update. So, long story short.

  • If the classic Calculator doesn't start after a build upgrade, reinstall it. Just run the installer again.
  • If your Windows Calculator (the default one) has got an update from the Store, run the classic app installer once again.

If you find this behavior annoying, you can simply uninstall the built-in calculator. You can restore it later at any moment by downloading it from the Microsoft Store.

How to remove the old Calculator from Windows 11

If you will decide to go back to the newest Calculator app, just uninstall the Old Calculator from the Settings -> Apps - > Apps & features, similar to any other app.

To remove the old Calculator, do the following.

  1. Open Windows Settings using the Win + I hotkey or any other method.
  2. On the left, click on Apps.
  3. On the right, click on the Apps and features item.Windows 11 Settings App Apps And Features
  4. Find the "Old Classic Calculator" entry, and click on the menu button with three vertical dots next to it.
  5. Select Uninstall from the menu.Uninstall Old Classic Calculator
  6. Finally, click the Uninstall button in the removal confirmation. The app will be uninstalled.Confirm the app removal

That's it.

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Author: Sergey Tkachenko

Sergey Tkachenko is a software developer who started Winaero back in 2011. On this blog, Sergey is writing about everything connected to Microsoft, Windows and popular software. Follow him on Telegram, Twitter, and YouTube.

18 thoughts on “Download Old Classic Calculator for Windows 11”

  1. It doesn’t install on windows 11.
    When OldClassicCalc-2.0-setup.exe is run it reports that an app from the microsoft store must first be installed. Answering ‘No’ the program simply closes without doing anything, answering ‘Yes’ the system goes to look for some app on the store without finding anything, so it must be closed, without doing anything.

  2. That looks cool. Finally I can use this app for calculating. When I hit the calculator button on my keyboard, it will now open up the classic Windows 7 Calculator instead of the new one. Thank you so much!

  3. Installs perfect but displays bad. The input line height is too small – can’t even read anything.
    Using no scaling fot the UI.

  4. Thanks i needed this!
    but it doesnt detect my OS languaje and installs in english (i use windows 10 22h2 spanish mexico),
    is there any command line argument to select the languaje install ? (es-mx in my case)

    and also one to disable the desktop icon creation?
    i want to install it with a script to get a silent installation,


  5. Thank you so much. Win update reverted back to the useless large calculator again. Luckily, reinstalling your calc solved the problem.

  6. Unfortunately, keyboard shortcut and ‘calc’ search opens the original Windows 11 calculator. Is there any way to choose Old Calculator as the default program?

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