How to Add Taskbar Clock on Secondary Display in Windows 11

Here's how to show the taskbar clock on the secondary display in Windows 11. By default, the new taskbar only shows the clock on the primary display connected to your computer. Whereas Windows 10 had clocks on each connected display in the taskbar.


Windows 11 comes with a redesigned taskbar. With it, all the running apps and pinned shortcut, including the Start button, are positioned in the center. The user can disable the centered icon alignment in the Settings app.

Microsoft has made the change in order to improve the usability of Windows with large displays. With icons at the screen center, it is now easier to reach apps on displays with a high resolution.

However, some users don't welcome the tweaks done to the taskbar. The new taskbar makes you retrain your muscle memory, breaking the UI guidelines used for decades prior to Windows 11. Also, the Start button now "jumps" on the taskbar depending on how many apps you have pinned and open.

Another unfortunate change in the taskbar is lack on the clock on any of the additional taskbars. If you connect more than one display to your Windows 11 device, you will only have the clock on the primary display. The open-source ElevenClock app a workaround for that issue.

Windows 11 Add Taskbar Clock To The Secondary Display

Add Taskbar Clock to the Secondary Display in Windows 11

  1. Download the latest ElevenClock version from GitHub.
  2. Run the installer ElevenClock.Installer.exe and follow its steps.
  3. After you start the app, the time and date will appear on the secondary taskbar of the second monitor.

From version 1.6 onwards, the app respects the Registry settings to show seconds in the tray. Windows 11 Clock With Seconds

ElevenClock features

The key features of the ElevenClock app are as follows.

  • Supports all system locales and time formats (It reads them from the operating system).
  • The taskbar clock appears on all other screens in addition to the main monitor.
  • ElevenClock supports the light and dark theme of Windows 11.
  • It can display seconds (Windows 11's standard clock can't do that).
  • ElevenClock downloads and installs updates automatically.
  • A click on the clock shows / hides the notifications and the calendar, similar to how the default clock works.
  • It fully supports HiDPi displays.
  • Supports taskbars moved to the top of the screen.

If you quickly double-click on the clock in the system tray, the ElevenClock website opens its website. The app is coded in Python.

We can only hope that Microsoft will eventually fix this annoyance and restore the ability to have additional clocks in the taskbar. Then there will be no need for third-party applications for this.

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