How to Change Taskbar Size in Windows 11

You can change the taskbar size in Windows 11 to one of the three different presets. A recently leaked build of Windows 11 exposes the appropriate settings. Windows 10 offers users two size options for the taskbar - standard or small. In Windows 11, things are slightly different. While there's no GUI option for that, you still can resize the taskbar.


In case you missed it, a pre-release build of Windows 11 recently leaked online. It allows users to check out upcoming changes in "the next generation of Windows." For example, a centered taskbara new Start menu design, new sounds, new wallpapersan updated Snap, etc.

Let's see how to resize the Windows 11 taskbar. For now, changing the taskbar size in Windows 11 is only possible through Windows Registry. You need to add a new key that will define the taskbar size. You can either do that manually or use our ready-to-use REG files to automate the process.

Change Taskbar Size In Windows 11

To change the Windows 11 taskbar size, do the following.

Change Taskbar Size in Windows 11

  1. Press Win + R and type regedit in the Run box to launch Registry Editor.
  2. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced.
  3. Click Edit > New > Dword (32-bit.) Keep in mind that you need a 32-bit key even on 64-bit Windows.New Dword Value Taskbarsi
  4. Name the new value as TaskbarSi.
  5. Double-click the TaskbarSi value and change its value data to one of the following numbers: 0 for small, 1 for standard, and 2 for the extra-large taskbar size.Modify TaskbarSi To Change The Windows 10 Taskbar Size
  6. Now, restart your computer. You can also sign out or restart the Explorer process from Task Manager.

You are done.

If you want to revert the changes to default, delete the TaskbarSi value or change its data to 1.

Ready-to-use registry files

You can use prebuilt registry files to modify the taskbar size in Windows 11 with a single click. They will save you some time and make changing the taskbar size simpler until Microsoft gives a user-friendly setting.

  1. Download registry files in a ZIP archive using this link.
  2. Unblock the downloaded files if needed.
  3. Unpack the archive to any folder you like.
  4. Double-click the Set taskbar size to small in Windows 11.reg to make the taskbar small in Windows 11.
  5. Set taskbar size to medium in Windows 11.reg reverts changes to default.
  6. Finally, the Set taskbar size to large.reg file makes the taskbar in Windows 11 extra-large.

That is how you change taskbar size in Windows 11.

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Author: Taras Buria

Taras is here to cover stories about Microsoft and everything around, although sometimes he prefers Apple.

17 thoughts on “How to Change Taskbar Size in Windows 11”

  1. I find when I select the option to make the icons LARGE, that they now start to look blurry. Any way to fix that? I’ve replaced the icons with shortcuts pinned to the taskbar that have a higher dpi of 512×512 and every size in between but still no luck and they icons still look blurry when the taskbar size is Large

  2. The information that you have supplied to adjust the Win11 task bar is corrrect but you have failed to inforrm the users that this method will cause issues within the Win11 task bar once the user receives & installs KB5004252 update for win11 which updates the build to 22000.71.

    The issue manifests itself only after the installation of KB5004252 & distorts the positioning of the Icons within the system tray area making some of the info illegible.

    I have conversed with Microsoft regarding this apparent bug & was promptly informed that as I have used a registry hack that is not supported by Microsoft the issue is not theirs to correct.

    Here is the direct quote I received regarding this issue from Microsoft :

    Quote “In our investigations, this is only happening for Insiders that have used unsupported registry keys to modify their taskbar. We’re sorry, this is not a supported registry key for Windows 11. Allison S – Microsoft engineer. ” end quote.

    KB5004252 if uninstalled will prevent the offering & subsequent update of win11 to 22000.100 (current build) as KB5004252 (build 22000.71) is an incremental build release & must be present for build 22000.100 to be offered for install.

    I would therefore request that you amend the information that you have provided to also inform the users of the potential issue should the hacks be used & that Microsoft will offer ‘No Help’ with regard to this issue.

  3. I find that when I set the value to 0 my time and date icons are cut in half, is there a method to avoid this as it’s quite frustrating

  4. time and date icons are cut in half for me as well. Is there a fix for that, or is there any way to completely remove the date&time widget from the taskbar?

    1. I have the same issue. Got a three monitor setup and the registry key only change the main monitor taskbar.
      Horrible optic and the time/date field is not in the centre of the taskbar.

      Hope microsoft will fix this issue and support registry options for the taskbar…

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