Firefox for Android extension store is now live

Mozilla has launched the Firefox for Android add-on website, prior to the public release of the extension support on smartphones. The public rollout is expected to happen on December 14, 2023. Firefox for Android will allow users to install any extension marked “Compatible with Android” on their mobile devices.

Firefox 120 released with privacy improvements including URL tracking param removal

Mozilla released Firefox 120 to the stable branch, along with ESR 115.5.0 and Firefox 121 Beta. The new version of the browser adds a new option to the link context menu, Copy Link Without Site Tracking. For select users, a new feature "Cookie Banner Blocker" will auto-close cookie consent prompts with rejecting the prompt. And more.

Firefox 119 is here with extension import from Chrome

The Firefox 119 web browser has been released, bringing with it several user interface changes and new features. Along with it, users also receive an update to the long-term support branch 115.4.0. Additionally, Firefox 120 has entered beta, with a release date scheduled for November 21st.

Firefox 119 will restore previous session along with closed tabs

The next release of Firefox 119 will change how the browser restores a previous browsing session. It will allow you to restore not only open tabs, but also recently closed tabs. The latter will allow you to restore accidentally closed tabs even if you restarted the browser, and view a list of them in Firefox View. By default, the last 25 tabs opened in the last 7 days will be saved. Firefox will save this tab data for each of the previously open windows individually, making the session restore consistent.

How to Disable Add-on Recommendations in Firefox Address Bar

You may want to disable occasional add-on recommendations in the address bar of Firefox that it shows starting in version 118. The recommendations promote this or that extension from the Mozilla Add-on Store. The suggestion depends on what you have typed in the URL bar.

Firefox 118 released with local translation engine enabled by default

Firefox 118 is now available in the stable branch with several new features. The most anticipated one is a new translator, known as Project Bergamot. For video services like Google Meet the browser supports for background blur and other video effects. Besides version 118, the long-term support branch has received an update to version 115.3.0. Firefox 119 is now in beta testing, the release of which is scheduled for October 24.

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